Linhof, Super Technika IV (1956-1964)

Kompakt og sammenleggbart mellomformatkamera (4×5) med Super Rollex-bakstykke (56×72/120-film) og ground glass-bakstykke uten mattskive.

Det følger med to objektiver:

  • Voitländer Technika-Heliar 150mm (15cm) f4.5 (Serienr.: A599236) (1962).
  • Carl Zeiss Tessar 105mm f3.5 med tilhørende RF-maske og matchende cam (Serienr.: 1974446).
  • Begge linsene sitter i hver sin Linhof Synchro-Compur-lukker.

Annet som følger med:

  • Rammesøker: Linhof 58×72 f/105mm.
  • Originalt sort håndgrep uten kabel og utløser.

Mellomformat (4×5) med Super Rollex-bakstykke (56×72/120-film), originalt håndgrep, Carl Zeiss Tessar 105mm/3.5 (med tilhørende RF-maske og matchende cam) og Voigtländer Technika-Heliar 150mm/4.5.

Begge linsene sitter i hver sin Linhof Synchro-Compur-lukker. Den ene er litt treg på enkelte lukkertider og trenger service. Glasset på begge linsene er i god stand for alderen. Belgen på kameraet er uten hull, men skinnet har fått noen bretter.

Serienr.: 86233

Prisvurdering: Collectiblend: Technika IV



In view is a Linhof Super-Technika IV camera outfitted with the highly desirable Linhof Select Voigtlander Heliar 15cm f/4.5 lens. Outfitted with Linhof Anatomic Grip with Integrated Cable Release (cable and release is missing), this classic large format set is in collectable condition. The entire outfit is original as shipped from the Linhof factory.

This 4×5 large format camera kit shows normal signs of use. It is mechanical and functional condition is top notch in every respect. The Linhof Select Voigtlander Heliar 15cm f/4.5 is bright and clear with no signs of fog or fungus. The Linhof Select Synchro-Compur 1 shutter is solid, properly timed and fires flash, electronic of flash bulbs, as designed. The hand grip is in excellent condition, securely connected to the camera’s frame. The bellows is clean and light tight. The ground glass is in excellent condition with alignment markings for 56x72mm and format alignment. The ground glass is covered with the original fold-out focusing hood making a dark-cloth an unnecessary accessory.

The Voigtlander Heliar is a lens of legend, well deserved legend. Offering a unique portrait quality of soft contrast with excellent subject detail at wider apertures, the bokeh is perfect. Stopping down to the middle of the range, f/16 to f/22 yields modern sharpness and contrast. No mean feat for a lens manufactured in 1962. The Heliar is perfect for portraits, landscapes, commercial still life, fine art, figure study or any direction the Photo Muse leads you.


“Linhof is credited with introducing the first all-metal technical field camera. Today the company is known as Linhof Präzisions Systemtechnik GmbH. This German company is located in Münich, Germany.

The Technikas are heavy, ruggedly built cameras with technical possibilities not easily found on other cameras. For example, they offer a limited amount of view camera movements, allowing for perspective corrections. This rather large camera folds up to a self-contained package, thus protecting the lens. High quality large format lenses, made by renowned producers, can be used on the Technikas. Some have been engraved by Linhof, indicating they are up to their standards (and raising their price). For the super Technikas, a rangefinder knife, engraved with the serial number of the lens, couples the rangefinder to the lens-to-film-distance. This allows for rangefinder focusing and thus, handheld shooting.

The Linhof Technika III is a technical field camera for 4×5 inch (9x12cm) or 6×9 (2x3inch). This means there are two varieties that operate similarly, but that vary considerably in size. The presence of a coupled rangefinder makes a «super Technika» of an ordinary Technika. The Technika IV represents a small next step in the evolution of the Technika cameras with some incremental improvements. Even today, a Technika variation is being produced by Linhof; the Master Technika. The Master Technika is very similar to the Technika III, but some important improvements have been made and most parts are not interchangeable. Linhof’s websites advocates the Technika series as being most suitable for handheld use. Today, this claim might make some frown.”

This remarkable camera kit will be a joy to shoot regardless of your choice of film format. It’s flexible focusing and framing capabilities provide the photographer with options for focusing and operating modes few other cameras do. The Linhof Super-Technika IV with Voigtlander Heliar has something for everyone suffering from large format mania…

For a PDF copy of the Condensed Operating Instructions  go here:



Manufacturer: Linhof, Germany

Camera Type: Super-Technika IV 4×5

Hand Grip: Linhof Anatomic Grip with integrated Cable Release

Focusing: Coupled Rangefinder; Ground-glass

Maximum Bellows Extension: 12in/30.48cm

Lens 1: Voigtlander Heliar 15cm f/4.5 (1962)

Optical Construction: 5 elements, 3 groups

Shutter: Linhof Synchro-Compur 1

Aperture Range: f/4.5 to f//32; 10 blades

Shutter Range: 1 second to 1/200th second, B, T

Image Circle: 6.5in/166mm, infinity focus f/22

Filter Size: 42mm Push-on

Lens 2: Carl Zeiss Tessar 105mm f3.5 (Serienr.: 1974446).

Flash Sync: X or M

Folded Dimensions WHD: 10.5 x 10.25 x 6in/26.7 x 26 x 15.24cm

Weight: 8.06lb/3.66kg

Included in this sale:
1-Linhof Super Technika IV 4×5 Camera, Linhof Select Voigtlander Heliar 15cm f/4.5 Lens, Carl Zeiss Tessar 105mm f/3.5, 2 Linhof Select Synchro-Compur 1 Shutter, Linhof Anatomic Grip (cable release is missing).



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