Rolleiflex er en serie 120 filmkameraer (mellomformat, 6×6 cm kvadratiske negativer) produsert av Franke & Heidecke, Tyskland. De ble raskt et favorittkamera for pressefotografer i hele verden. Som kjent så har «Kjært barn mange navn». Sånn er det med Rolleiflex også, og de fikk betegnelser som pressekamera, toøyd speilrefleks, TLR og sjaktsøkerkamera.

Objektiv: Schneider Kreuznach – Xenotar 3,5/75mm (Bayonet 2) (Serienr.: 7177436).

Søkerobjektiv: Schneider Heidosmat 2,8/75mm (Bayonet 2) (Serienr.: 628042).

I perioden 1960-1964 ble det produsert ca. 50000 kamerer av denne modellen.

Serienumrene på disse modellene er mellom: 2250000 og 2299546.

Serienummeret på dette kameraet er 2270534.

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The Square idea that changed photographic History Without any doubt was the introduction in 1929, of the first Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex ( TLR ), a sensation: an as ingenious as simple principle that quickly made the Rolleiflex THE must have professional camera all over the world. Producing high quality 6×6 cm square negatives in a compact very easy to operate camera, with the best lens available. Ther was no photographer who would not master one, no apprentice who would not wish to own one. For the professional, the Rolleiflex was like a gift from heaven, it meant a radical change in his/her creative work. Being able to work fast with a large size negative, light weight and superior quality made the choice as simple as important. There was no newspaper, no magazine, no photographic book that would not have some Rolleiflex photos in their publications. For decades, Rolleiflex cameras would have a decisive effect on photographic history. Many world-famous images originated from that small piece of fine mechanical art made by the factory from Franke and Heidecke in Braunschweig, Germany. It was the beginning of a technical evolution that would be imitated by many other manufacturers around the Globe with sometimes successful but often poor copies of the bench-mark Rolleiflex. Franke & Heidecke are proof of being the master in that field , with the nowadays massive switch-over to digital, the traditional Rolleiflex TLR is still in production AND development. Very few companies in the world can boast such a long record with one basic design which has been improved on a regular basis yet still so closely resembles the original invention. from Rolleiclub


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