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Antikk symaskin av merket VIRGINIO RIMOLDI, Stella D’Italia som er til å sy hatter, hansker og pels m.m.

Ikke funksjonstestet, selges derfor uten garanti for eventuelle feil eller mangler.

Str: 22 x 27 x 22 cm.

Rimoldi was established in 1877 when Virgilio Rimoldi’ workshop started producing the first machines to sew hats, gloves and furs. Later they produced overlock machines and than flat bed-, feed off the arm- and cup seaming machines, to complete the whole range. The history of Rimoldi is very complex but I can sum it up briefly as follows:

1877: foundation of “Virgilio Rimoldi” workshop. In this workshop the first Italian industrial sewing machine – named Stella d’Italia – was especially designed for productions of hats, gloves and furs.

1938: Rimoldi produces the first overlock machine, by which it will be possible to sew and cut the exceeding fabric at the same time. Rimoldi overlocks have always been the best sewing machines all over the world thanks to excellent performances and high speed.

1952: Rimoldi produces the first flat bed machines to perform assembling, hemming and folding operations more than application of ribs, elastics and laces. The feed-off-the-arm machines will be the next, to be used for shirts, pyjamas, underwear and jeans, along with the cup seaming ones for producing furs, gloves, pullovers and slippers.

1973: Rimoldi joins Rockwell-International Group, an American giant located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1990: Rimoldi proposes the FLEXSYSTEM LINE, introducing a new product concept: successful productivity results thanks to the flexibility of its sewing machines (



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